It hardware include the following things palatable parts and computer components such as central processing unit, monitor, keyboard, computer data storage, Images card, sound card, audio system, and motherboard.we provide the customers the world best companies things .In these companies included SONY, TOSHIBA ACER, CISCO, Acron computers, AKASA, Alienware,Apple Inc,APPLIED TECHNOLOGY, ARCTIC, ASUS, DELL, HP, APC many others with the following categorization:


  • Desktop computers
  • Graphiccards
  • Sound cards
  • Network interface card
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Laptop
  • Web camera
  • UPS (different volts)
  • Racks

All types of IT ACCERRIRS

Other QMS, network equipment etc are also available of all the above companies.


  •  Supply and set up of a selection of different kinds of computing device systems, workstations, and servers
  • The supply and establishment of big business grade Blade server innovation.
  • Redistributing of explicit labor and administrations as per the necessities of specific ventures.
  • Supply, organization, and upkeep of POS machines.
  • Extensive upkeep administrations for exceptionally vital IT fixings like PCs, servers, organize parts LAN and WAN and client emotionally supportive networks.
  • Age of occasional equipment wellbeing reports and suggestions with respect to future updates
  • Fast response to crisis equipment administration calls.
  • Doing of proactive and preventive support to mitigate raised expenses over the long haul managing equipment issues of higher scale.
  • Thorough upkeep administrations for communication frameworks including the choice of widely inclusive yearly support contracts which address issues promptly and counteract downtime. We work with various presumed brands and source our items from dependable merchants, taking consideration to stick to the severe tests and most stringent benchmarks of value that we pride ourselves.