We offer fantastic IP reconnaissance arrangement which can empower you to get cautions from your IP Camera with no human intercession – no further need of security monitors. It does not just withdraw assets that might be better used for esteem expansion in the center regions yet, in addition, verifies organizations from dangers and dangers. To meet this certain need, We invest heavily in being a complex security supplier using bleeding edge cutting edge innovation to give your association top quality security arrangements at reasonable costs. security surveillance products that is avail are the following.

  • Network video
  • VF IR bullet camera
  • VF IR vandal domecamera          
  • Resolution real-timerecording
  • Samsung security camera           
  • NVR recorder

Surveillance solutions

  • IP Cameras and Remote Monitoring
  • Under Vehicle Scanning Solutions

This framework is proficient to sweep, screen and carefully record fresh, clear computerized video and pictures of the whole width of a vehicle’s underside. Our observation cameras distinguish the remote items and dangers to assist you with mitigating dangers.

  • Things Xray scanning
  • Screening solutions

We give total screening answer for the deal with all security needs.With our services you can get :

  • Cutting edge Security and Surveillance Solution with complete checking and capacity grievance to global principles.
  • Remote component gives you versatility and adaptability.

Complete video investigation, which will

  • Traffic checking of the whole city from the single control room
  • Blockage checking of occupied streets and convergences

Vehicle following and individuals checking and following:

  • Facial recognition
  • Observing of landmarks and essential structures and some more